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Covid 19

Times have been difficult since the beginning of Covid for many, including those who work in the tourism profession.

Some driver-guides and 'step-on' local or long distance guides will not work with people who are not double or triple vaccinated. Many will also prefer to have everyone wearing a mask.

If you are planning to 'hire a guide,' please check with them on these topics.

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Thank you for your interest in Tour Guide Vancouver (TGV). A nominal finder's fee of $20 (twenty) dollars is requested for my time to help you locate a guide, which can be paid to the guide. TGV is run by a dedicated long-time local and long-distance freelance guide. I'm happy to volunteer my time to try and help you.

Once I find you a guide, I'll provide you with their contact information. You can then discuss specific's of the work and payment conditions. Each 'guide', including myself, is a self-employed, freelance individual.

Most local 'step-on' guides (and driver-guides) in the Vancouver area charge approximately $35 dollars an hour with a 4-hour minimum = $140.00 in Canadian or US dollars. Some might charge more for speaking a foreign language.

A (lesser) full day rate can be negotiated with your guide. Payment is usually made either before the tour date, or on the day of the tour. Please ask your guide.

Most multi-day 'Tour Directors' charge anywhere between $200 to $250 dollars a day, plus a per-diem, etc.

Cell phone usage - most guides may also charge $10 a day to cover any charges they may incur for the use of their phone.

During the busy season, April to November (or at any time of the year), the more notice you can provide us with, the better. We are often out working - and may not be able to respond back to you till the evening hours, or the following day.

Please send me an email, or a text (see below), with the type of guide you require, the details with the date and how long you need the guide for (a few hours or days?) - and your contact information.

Languages? Do you need a guide who speaks something other than English? Please let us know. We are in contact with those that speak Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish and Swiss. It might also be possible to find guides who speak other languages.

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Do you require a local 'step-on' guide, a long-distance Tour Director, a 'meet and greet' guide or a driver-guide?

Our first priority is to find you a guide who is a member of the Canadian Tour Guide Association of BC (Vancouver).

CTGA of BC and TGV members participate in many meetings, educational gatherings and familiarization trips to constantly improve their many skills.

Tour Guide Vancouver is a professional network for 'guides' of the Pacific Northwest, including Alberta, Washington State and British Columbia. All guides we are in contact with - are expected to operate and behave in a professional manner, but we can't be held responsible or liable for their conduct. Officially we are not an employment agency, but I'm happy to recommend people that I have come to know over the years, have either personally trained - or know them to be great guides or drivers.

The best way to let me know about any request is by email, especially if there is more than a week before needing the guide. If there is less than a week, or a day, then send me an email, plus send me a text to alert me to look for your email.

You can try calling, but I'm likely out touring around myself from April to late October. Voice mails take more time to retrieve, but I do receive them as well.

Cell: 604-876-2576 but remember I'm on the West Coast, so please try to call or text between 9 am and 9 pm - Pacific Time.

E-Mail: vancouverguides@gmail.com

Are you also looking to hire a local bus company? We highly recommend Cantrail Coach Lines of Vancouver. For more information please ask me why, or visit cantrail.com.

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